Geistesblitz junior


Ghost Gary is standing in for his Cousin Scarecrow Steve and haunting out in the country; he has also made friends - Frog Freddie, Chicken Charlie and Piglet Peter. All four are sitting in a circle - a card from the stack is turned up and you check quickly which friends are depicted in their correct color and try to grab them. If you manage that, you receive a reward card for each friend that you grabbed. When all cards are used up, the game ends and you win with most cards. In a game for experienced players, you cannot grab a friend, when Ghost Gary is depicted as black, and in case of a mistake you give back a card.


Reaction game for 2-6 players, ages 4+


Publisher: Zoch Verlag 2018

Designer: Jacques Zeimet

Art: Gabriela Silveira, Volker A. Maas


Stock#: 60 110 5119


Users: For children


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr it * In-game text: no