Summer, sun and a dive into cool water! You let cards representing bathers “jump” into a pool laid out with cards. You hold 3 springboard divers and 3 rascals: For a normal jump stand and drop the card from eye level. For a special jump you stand and drop the springboard diver from overhead level; for the rascal you sit for throwing and keep your hand outside the pool boundaries. Depending on the location of the card and the kind of jump you score points and move the marker at the pool edge. The springboard diver scores only when touching no card, but scores more points for jumping later.


Dexterity game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Zoch

Designer: Bernhard Lach, Uwe Rapp


Stock#: 60 113 2600


Users: For families

Age: 8


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr it * In-game text: no