8 * 28


You want to get as near as you can to 8 or 28. You draw a card and set it down hidden. The active dealer prepares a gem - first blue, later red - and offers one hidden card to each player to view. If you accept, you display it openly. If your open cards pass 28, you are out of the round. In turn all are active dealer until nobody takes a card. Then half of the gems is taken by whoever is nearest to 8, the other half goes to whoever is nearest to 28. 1/11 can count for 1 or 1. If you manage 8 and 28 exactly, you take all gems. When there are no red gems left, each blue gem is worth 1 point, each red one 2 and you win with most points.


Card game on sums for 3-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Zoch Verlag 2015

Designer: Mike Hirtle,  David L. Hoyt, Colin Morgan

Artist: not named

Web: www.zoch-verlag.com

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Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr it * In-game text: no