18xx in South Africa - the rules of 1830 apply and you need 1830 to play 1859. THere are six Private Companies which are auctioned as in 1830. Dividend payments stop when the first 5 train is bought, special abilities for the Kimberley Diamond Mine Concession and Johannesberg Gold Mining Contract remain active. Railroad tokens do not block cities against crossing, but crossing costs. De Aar is a junction with entry and exit facilities for three companies, and there are impassible lines, one from Rhodesia and one from Swaziland.


Railroad game for 3-5 players


Publisher: Winsome Games 2016

Designer: Peters David V. H., Winsome Ga,es

Stock #: Essen 2016 / #11 von 80


Users: For experts


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no