1000 Islands Railway


You begin with 19 money, 0 stations and no negative VPs. Players take turns; a turn comprises check for end of game (starting player only), acquisition of track cards, minimum one, maximum three; track building, minimum one, maximum three and then inspection, money and VP distribution; replenishing track card display and discarding of used track cards. When no track cards are available, you receive VPs for remaining money and you own longest track and lose VPs for remaining track cards in hand.

Man beginnt mit 19 Geld, 0 Bahnhöfen und ohne negative Siegpunkte. Die Spieler sind reihum am Zug, ein


Railway game for 3-5 players, no age given


Publisher: Winsome Games 2012

Designer: Ferdinand Köther

Stock #: Essen Edition 2012 / 11 of 80


Users: For experts


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no