Banana Jump


Baboon the Monkey challenges his friends – he wants to run faster from tree to tree around the clearing and eat a banana on each tree before his friends can assemble on the clearing. Each player is given 5 animals of a kind. In you turn you roll the dice – for colors you place an animal of this kind – from any player – in its row, and on the spot of this color. If you roll a banana you can place any animal or move Baboon back one step. The animal rows must be filled from top to bottom. If you cannot place an animal or if you roll Baboon, you must advance Baboon one step. If you place one of your own animals or if you complete a row, you earn 1 coin. If you place the last animal you earn 2 coins, if it is one of your own, 3 coins. When all animals are placed you win with most coins. If Baboon reaches the start before this, all players loose together.


Version                           : multi

Rules                              : de fr

In-game use of language   : no


Dice and placement game * 2-5 players, ages 4+ * Designer: Max Gerchambeau * Art: Jürgen van Straelen * 8025 1, Winning Moves, Germany, 2011 *** Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH *