Auf die Palme


On the big palm tree it is nicest on the top, but each location has room for one paradise bird only. Each player is starting player once, after two rounds the player with the highest score wins. Each player places cards to win locations with high numbers. One looks at one’s top card to decide on the placing: Depending on whether the place on the other side is empty or not one places the card or there is a Hickhack, which follows different rules whether the opposing card is face up or down. There are resting locations with special rules, e.g. room for two birds or advantages in a hickhack.


Card placement game * 2 players from age 8 * Idea: Richard Garfield * Graphics: not named * ca. 20 min * 3024 9, Winning Moves, Germany, 2006 *** Winning Moves Deutschland GmbH *