3 Wishes


The stack of cards is prepared, the top card is set aside and two cards are laid out. You draw three cards, look at one and put all down face-down. You have two actions per turn; options are Peek you look at a card of another player or at one in the middle; Switch you swap one of your cards for any other; Shuffle you shuffle your three cards and look at one of them. Declare End Game not in the first three rounds; all reveal their cards and lose, if they do not have one each of Superpower, Gift and World Harmony. If you have all three, you score according to the cards and potential special rules.


Card game for 3-5 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Strawberry Studio 2016

Designer: Chris Castagnetto

Art: Magdalena Markowska, Agnieszka Koper

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Users: For families


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