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Where are the Animals hiding?


Foxes, owls, hares, hedgehogs and boars play hide and seek with the little wood gnomes. You always only see one half of the animals, the others are in hiding. 10 double-sided animal discs are laid out in a circle; no animal should be visible more than three times. A card is turned up, all four animals of this kind must now be found. For each animal missing in the circle you place a wooden coin into the circle. Players in turn now turn over one of the animal discs: If you find the right animal you receive one coin. If you turn up a wrong animal the move ends. When you find the 4th animal you receive a coin + the card and turn up another card. When a gnome appears, the player can choose the animal all are now looking for. The one who finds the last one, gets the gnome. When all animal cards are given out, animal cards and coins score 1 point each, gnomes 2 points.

As an alternative you give out the coins to all players and you must hand in a coin for each wrong animal. For each animal you find you get a coin, if none is in the middle you take it from a player. After each animal you can decide if you go on playing. When you turn up the 4th animal you receive the cad and all coins in the circle. At the end each coin scores 1 point, each card 2 and each gnome 3 points.

Findevier is a beautiful memo game, different not only because of components and graphics, but especially due to the double-sided disc which make the selection easier – under one animal of a kind you can always find one of the other four animals. If you already found the fox under the owl you need not check another owl for the next fox.


Spieler         : 2-6

Alter            : ages 5+

Dauer           : ca. 20 min


Autor           : Jacques Zeimet

Grafik          : Steffen Mühlhäuser, Bernhard Kümmelmann

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 19 Euro

Verlag          : Steffen Spiele 2010



Genre                    : Memo game

Zielgruppe             : For children


Sprache        : de

Regeln         : de en fr

Text im Spiel : no



Standard mechanisms

Double-sided discs are a well-working detail

Very beautiful components



Other memo games


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