Stack discs to win with a higher tower! The game features 27 discs - seven grey ones are laid out in a row, at each end a red one is added. Each player has nine discs of his color, black or white, and stacks them on one of the red discs. The active player counts towers with his color on top and then moves one of his towers or any number of discs as many steps. Opposing discs can be taken along. The red disc must be reached with the exact number of steps. Aim of the game is to form the higher tower on the opposite red disc; discs of the opposing color can be in the tower, only the tower height is important.


Abstract stacking game for 2 players, ages 9+


Publisher: Steffen Spiele 2017

Designer: Laurent Escoffier

Artist: Steffen Mühlhäuser, Bernd Kümmelmann

Web: www.steffen-spiele.de

Stock#: LFCABH156


Users: For families

Special: 2 players


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no