Mona Klecksa


Rivalry for completing paintings; who will place the last dab of paint and earns the revenue or will ruin the rivalís painting? In a game of two and three, you play on your own, in a game of four in two teams. You hold five color dab cards, a master painting card is on display, the next painting is visible, too. You play minimum one dab card and select beautifying or smudging. To beautify, you play cards showing dabs still missing in the painting; to smudge you can play only ONE card into the smudging area, this card cannot show any of the missing colors. If you add the last dab of paint, you take the painting; if you add the third smudge to a painting, you put it openly before your rivals - in a game of three both players earn the smaller value. Whoever is first to earn 25$, wins the game.


Card placement game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Space Buddies 2016

Designer: Mike Elliot

Art: Pandaluna


Stock #: SBFT01DE


Users: For families


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