Big Monster


Missions on unknown planets, you encounter unusual monsters, rare crystals and other explorers for rivals. Two rounds represent two days of exploration, played in team mode for 2 or 6 players, individual mode for 3 to 6 players or in duel mode for 2 players. Draften works a bit different,  you select a tile and hand on the rest, but not to your neighbor as usual, you hand them on to any player of your choice, be it a team member or a rival. A round comprises nine turns; a turn comprises drafting a tiles, putting them into your display and checking on conditions for winning medals for completing missions. After two rounds you first resolve desert and rune monsters and then add up exploration points.


Tile drafting and placement game for 2-6 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Skellig Games 2020

Designer: Dimitri Perrier

Art: Ivan Nikolin

Web: www.skellig-games-de

Stock #: 0048-0001-01


Users: With friends


Version: multi * Rules: de fr * In-game text: no