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Soapbox Race in Meadowtown! A yellow square car, a red rectangular car, a green triangular car and a blue circular car race each other to the finish. One die shows the colours, the other the shapes, and both feature a star and a spanner.

The game offers two different ways to play, both variants train sticking to rules and keeping up a sequence of play. The dice game can be played cooperatively or with determining a winner, all players can move all cards. The cars are moved according to colour or colour + shape shown on the dice. Depending on the game the board showing the meadow track or the road track is used. You roll the die and move the corresponding car. For a star you choose a car and if you roll the spanner the car needs repair and you lose your turn.

The four Listen-and-Play stores feature four friends, Freddy Fox, Hannah Hedgehog, Daniel Dog and Rachel Rabbit, who jaunt about in their soapbox cars. An adult reads out the story, players must listen attentively and move the car in the colour or shape mentioned in the story. Sometimes there are symbols in the story giving the reader a choice of colours or shapes. Moving the cars is assigned to players according to number of players. If only one plays, he of course moves all the cards, two players move 2 cards each, 3 players move cars in turn and four players either move cars in turn or one car each.

Colourful Autorelli is a very attractive and nice collection of primary simple dice and reaction games and a very effective training to keep to rules and orders, for listening and reacting.


Spieler         : 1-4

Alter            : ab 2½ Jahren

Dauer           : ca. 15 min


Autor           : designdirect

Grafik          : Roger DeKlerk

Vertrieb A.   : Fachhandel

Preis            : ca. 15,00 Euro

Verlag          : Selecta 2010


Genre                    : Dice game, Listen-and-Play game

Zielgruppe             : For Children

Mechanismen         : roll die or listen, move car



Good topic

Very attractive components

Trains first rules, reaction, listening

Nice stories


Compares to:

Tempo kleine Schnecke, all listening / reaction games


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