Goldene Zeitalter Kulte & Kulturen


Developing civilizations across four eras of five phases each: 1. Era setup with revealing of wonder cards, building cards and players‘ civilization cards of the round - 2. Expand the map with placing a continent tile and placing or moving your capital. - 3. Player actions, with one action in turn by all players until all have announced a Golden Age; actions needing a colonist are Explorer, Builder, Artist or Soldier; actions without a colonist are Build a wonder, Activate building or wonder, Develop a technology, Start a Golden Age. - 4. End of era with scoring for victory points, - 5. Preparation of next era. After an end-of-game scoring of victory points for gold, developed technologies, glory tiles and future technology cards you win with most victory points.

The expansion introduces components for a fifth player, new civilizations, wonders, future technologies and a new deck of culture cards. You can now make amazing inventions or spread your religious beliefs.


Expansion for Goldene Zeitalter for 2-5 players, ages12+


Publisher: Schwerkraft Verlag 2015

Designer: Luigi Ferrini

Art: Alexander Roche


Stock #: SKV 1016


Users: For experts


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