Der kleine Eisbär

Bist du mein Freund?


Lars, Robby, Caruso, Nena und Nanuk are very good friends and have sworn eternal friendship. Each player has a face-down stack of cards and in his turn can take up to three cards and try to find one to add to the last card placed. He can place a card when the big friend is the same as the small one in the corners of the last card placed. If no card fits, he puts all back into his stack and tries to remember which friends where on those cards. The first player to place all his cards wins the game.


Placement and memory game * Series: Der kleine Eisbär * 2-4 players from age 4 * Designer: Angelika und Jürgen Lange * ca. 15 min * 51101, Schmidt Spiele, Germany, 2004 *** Schmidt Spiele GmbH * *