Bumm Bumm Ballon!


The holder is assembled and a balloon blown up inside so that it sits in the holder - the rungs of the holder have holes. You place nine sticks into those holes till the first groove. Then you roll the die in turn; this determines for how many grooves you may move the stick nearer to the balloon. If you roll a 2 or 3 you can either use all Klicks for one stick or distribute the Klicks on two or three sticks. If the balloon bursts during your turn you have lost and all other players have won together. Depending on the kind of balloon used the rounds of the game will be of different duration.


Action game for 2 or more players, ages 8+


Publisher: Schmidt Spiele

Designer: Frans Rookmaaker

Artist: Anne Pštzke, Meike Schiller

Web: www.schmidtspiele.de

Stock #: 40519


Users: For children

Special: 2 players


Version: multi * Rules: de fr it * In-game text: no