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Abalone Offboard

Die neue Herausforderung


Abalone – A classic game, a designer piece, a challenging game for two players – since many many years the game is a fixture in the range of abstract games for two players, if for nothing else then the more than simple mechanism of the game, which is fast and easily understood, but a real challenge in every new game.

The basic mechanism is simple: You must relocate the opposing marbles in a way that they are pushed off the board, this you achieve by touching and pushing them with the help of your own marble or marbles, the moved opposing marble or group of marbles must be smaller than your own group and there must be an empty spot behind where to move them to.

In Abalone offboard this simple mechanism has been given one additional rule and an interesting facelift – each player now has 12 marbles of a color and the game board has been expanded by a so called offboard zone, areas that are marked with numbers 1,2 or 3 and represent the number of points that you can score. Aim of the game is not only to move opposing marbles off board by pushing them along when pushing your own marbles, but to push them off board in a way to move them into the offboard zones to score points.

Marbles on the normal board are active and can always be moved, marbles in the offboard zones are passive and can no longer be moved. If you are the first to score 6 points, you win.

Abalone offboard is as a really attractive version of the classic Abalone, the seemingly harmless scoring zones change the character of the game completely, 2 opposing marbles in the 3-points-zone are enough to win.


Spieler         : 2

Alter            : ages 7+

Dauer           : ca. 20 min


Autor           : Michel Lalet, Laurent Levi

Grafik          : not cited

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 23 Euro

Verlag          : Schmidt Spiele 2011



Genre                    : Pushing and position game

Zielgruppe             : For families


Version        : multi

Regeln         : de fr it

Text im Spiel : nein



Colors instead of black & white

Small rules change with huge consequences

Same game mechanism, completely different strategy and tactics



All versions of Abalone



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