3 mit Kopf & Pfote Fit, pfiffig, schlau


In Play with the coloured balls a lot of disorder has been created, the winner is the first to gather his balls back together, but to be able to do that one must answer questions, do gymnastics with the dog and solve puzzles. Each player has a collecting table and in his turn rolls the die and moves. Depending on the colour of the animal track a ball chip is turned over and one takes a card from the thus determined card stack. The rabbit poses a riddle, fun or logic question, the parrot a knowledge question and the dog sets a movement or a pantomime task. For a correct solution the player receives the chip for his table.


Action and question game * 2-4 players from age 6 * Designer: Czarné * ca. 20 minutes * 40426, Schmidt Spiele, Germany, 2005 *** Schmidt Spiele GmbH * www.schmidtspiele.de