More Ca$h ’n More Guns


The expansion More Ca$h ‚n More Guns for the 2nd edition of Ca$h & Guns is used together with the core game. New are four weapons as well as new Traits and Surprise Cards and a Safe tile. Players, at the start, select one of two abilities which they declare, and secretly one of two surprise cards. In the phase “loot distribution“ the Godfather can, once per round, take the two top loot cards from the safe instead of taking a card from the display; he keeps one and hands the other one to the right, provided this player is not “dead”. The last Godfather of the game decides whether the counterfeit money is scored or not.


Expansion for Ca$h & Guns for 4-8 players, ages10+


Publisher: Repos Productions 2015

Designer: Ludovic Maublanc

Art: John Kovalic, Alexis Vammeerbeeck, Eric Azagury, Cédric Chevalier, Justine Lottin


Stock #: MCMG-MU02


Users: With friends

Special: Many players


Version: multi * Rules: de es + en it  * In-game text: no