7 Wonders Wonder Pack


The third expansion for the multiple award winning 7 Wonders introduces four new wonders, all usable in any combination with the core game: The Great Wall - the three stages of the Great Wall can be built in any order at the players, choice, the stage to be completed must be announced before other players reveal their cards.

Abu Simbel - this wonder can only be used together with the Leaders Expansion.

Stonehenge - no special rules. Manneken Pis - does not produce any resources, but you begin the game with four additional coins.


Expansion for 7 Wonders for 2-8 player, ages 8+


Publisher: Repos Productions 2013

Designer: Antoine Bauza

Art: Miguel Coimbra

Web: www.rprod.com

Stock#: 7WP-MU01


Users: With friends

Special: Many players


Version: de * Rules: de en fr pl * In-game text: no