Super Fantasy

Ugly Snouts Assault


You choose a mission, the goal applies to all players. If it is achieved in the given number of rounds, all win together, Heroes discuss the order in which they take their turns and have six action dice each to activate movement, door opening, bashing of a barrel, unlocking a chest, attack, defense, charging up and, finally, disarming a trap. The monster phase comprises four steps: Waking up the Sleeping rooms, New monsters come out, Moving and attacking, Clearing out the tokens. This all is supplemented by special powers for the heroes, Magic Items and Small Items,


Fantasy dungeon crawl for 1-6 players, ages 8+


Designer: Marco Valtriani

Artist: Federico Dumas, Guido Favaro

Publisher: Red Glove 2013


Stock #: RG2028B


Users: For families

Special: 1 player


Version: en * Rules: en it * In-game text: yes