City Tycoon


You are a tycoon investing money for expansion and improvement of living conditions in the city. You place tiles for parts of the city; some tiles demand opening up with electricity or water; others demand supply with luxury commodities, yet others manufacture those commodities and yet others introduce useful things like a hospital. Resources can be bought by all, but they are limited and you must pay for transport through districts of other players. In four phases buildings get bigger, use up more resources and return more profit. Different winning strategies are possible. A German edition from Pegasus Spiele is announced.


City development game for 2-5 players, ages 14+


Publisher: 2011

Designer: Hubert Batos, Łukasz S. Kowal

Art: Jakub Babczyński, Wojciech Rojek, Jarek Nocoń


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Users: For experts


Version: multi * Rules: en pl * In-game text: no