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Build for King and Bishop


The cathedral in a medieval town is built by two architects, one employed by the king, the other employed by the bishop. They must work together, but who builds the bigger part of the cathedral and directs his workers best will be generously rewarded. In your turn you must implement three actions in any combination and order – the actions are: Expansion of the cathedral, worker placement (this is only possible after expanding the cathedral) or implement an order. A newly placed part of the cathedral must border a part already built, two jokers that is two bi-colored tiles cannot be placed next to each other, and the newly placed tile must be located in the pre-determined area for cathedral expansions. To place a worker you must own a free worker tile and you can only place a worker on a cathedral tile that you yourself did place in the previous round. Orders allow you to place workers, relocate workers or remove workers or to remove cathedral parts, some of these orders require payment for implementation. If you place a crown tile, you move the king one step. When he reaches a space with a crown symbol, majorities of workers in color zones are scored. After three scorings or the second depletion of the cathedral tiles you win with the highest score.

Sounds easy and simple, but plays to the contrary – the orders are the heart of the game and very often the course of the game is more aimed at frustrating your opponent than at furthering your own interests. Clever use of the open display of orders allows you to get rid of unwanted orders! Not a friendly cooperative enterprise, but a dense controversy!


Spieler         : 2

Alter            : ages 10+

Dauer           : ca. 45 min


Autor           : Łukas M. Pogoda

Grafik          : Łukas M. Pogoda, Michał Oracz

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 30 Euro

Verlag          : Rebel Centrum 2010



Genre                    : Placement game

Zielgruppe             : With friends


Version                           : multi

Rules                              : de en pl

In-game use of language   : no





Good components

Good rules

Lots of interaction with high frustration level

Each action must be planned for optimum results



Pillars of the Earth Builders Duel for topic and number of players, otherwise all games on area control with intensive interaction


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Taktik                  2

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Interaktion                   3