The cathedral in a medieval town is built by two architects, one employed by the king, the other by the bishop. They must work together, but who builds the bigger part of the cathedral and directs his workers best will be generously awarded. In your turn you must implement three actions in any combination and order the actions are: Expansion of the cathedral, worker placement (this is only possible after expanding the cathedral) or implement an order. A new part of the cathedral must border a part already built, two jokers cannot be adjacent. Orders allow to place, relocate or remove workers or remove cathedral parts. If you place a crown tile the king moves one step. When he reaches a crown square, majorities of workers in color zones are scored.


Placement game * 2 players, ages 10 and up * Designer: Łukas M. Pogoda * Art: Łukas M. Pogoda, Michał Oracz * Editor: Ignacy Trzewiczek * 26617 6, Rebel, Poland, 2010 *** Rebel Centrum Gier *