You build roads in the coastal regions of the kingdom to enable access to the amber deposits. The game is set up for the current number of players and you are given six road building tiles and a randomly assigned castle. In a turn you must place a road building tile on the board and draw a tile from stock. You can only add a road building tile to an existing network of roads and place it only on empty spots, with the exception of bridges and roundabouts; all roads are neutral and can be used by all; connecting of a village or castle to the network can score you gold; a shovel tile destroys a road or water tile; if you cannot place a tile you pay one gold, discard a tile from hand and draw a new one. If you have connected to all villages and castles you win instantly; otherwise you win with most points from gold and connecting villages and castles when the draw pile is empty. In the advanced game you have also you own shovel for one use and there is also an open display to draw from.


Tile placement game for 2-6 players, ages 10+


Publisher: 2012

Designer: Thomas Lewandowicz

Art: Ewa Kotowska


Stock#: 927092


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: en pl * In-game text: no