Bug Race


Beetles run towards the apple and should not stumble and not disarray their legs. Between track sections there are niches for beetle legs. To move the beetle body you must place the legs correctly; a beetle must not lose its legs, they must always be orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to the body. First you move legs, into empty niches, then you let the body follow. Cards determine which legs you must move. Between leg movements you may move the body. In each turn you play two cards and win, when your own beetle is first at the finish - body presence is sufficient, all of the legs need not be within the finish.


Movement and placement game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Rightgames / RBG

Designer: A. Konnov, A. Shkylyarov

Artist: Paltsev, Trehgrannik

Web: www.rightgames.ru

Stock#: 33-01-01


Users: For families

Age: 8


Version: en * Rules: en ru * In-game text: no