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Wer war’s?

Das Kartenspiel


The magical ring of the King has been stolen; players are tasked with identifying the thief and thereby saving the kingdom from the evil magician. Luckily, the animals in the castles have been paying attention and can help the players.

Cards are separated into suspects, animals and food + joker cards. The ten suspects are laid out as shown on the box, the animals are sorted by kind – owl, goat, donkey and snake – and stacked beneath the suspect cards; each animal card shows how hungry the animal is. The food and joker cards are shuffled and stacked and each player is dealt three cards.

The active player has three options: He can draw two cards from the stack of cards. Or he can feed the top animal on one of the stacks: This is done by discarding the number of food cards, only of one type, ether carrot, apples or bread. Each joker can replace one food card. Then you take the animal card in your hand. Take care! You can only feed one animal per turn. Your third option is to discard the animal cards that are depicted on a suspect cards; in this case the animal have seen the suspect when the deed was done and thus the suspect is innocent; you take the card. When only one card remains on the table, the thief has been found and you win with most coin symbols on your innocents cards. It can happen that you cannot feed any more animals and there is more than one suspect left on the table; in this case all players have lost together.

A big acclamation to publisher and designer for this felicitous, independent pocket edition of the board game; challenge and flair were kept despite the simplified mechanisms. An ideal game for travelling!


Players: 2-4

Age: 5+

Time: 15+

Designer: Reiner Knizia

Artist: Graham Howell, Walter Pepperle

Price: ca. 7 Euro

Publisher: Ravensburger 2015


Genre: Card collecting

Users: For children

Version: multi

Rules: de fr it

In-game text: no



Card version of Wer War’s?

Simplified mechanisms

Flair and challenge remain

Ideal for travelling


Compares to:

All versions of Wer War’s?


Other editions:

Currently none


Chance (pink): 2

Tactic (turquoise): 1

Strategy (blue): 0

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 2

Dexterity (green): 0

Action (dark green): 0