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Welches Tier passt hier?

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The four animals – piglet, dog, cat and frog – want a place on the train, one must line up the correct carriages for them, because each animal sits in its own carriage. Each player starts his train with a driver card, the carriage cards are laid out face down in a rectangular grid for easier relocation. In your turn you pick up a card so that only you can see it. If it is a conductor card, you can add it to your train and say „please board the train“. If the card shows one of the four animals, you make the correct animal noise so that the other players know which animal is depicted on the card. If the animal is the correct one for your train, you can place. Each carriage shows a small picture of the animal whose carriage comes next in the train. When the animal that you turned up is not the right one, because it is not the one shown on the small picture in the last carriage in your train you put it back and all players try to memorize which animal the card shows with the help of the noise.

If you turn up the third conductor card, the game ends when you have placed it. All now either count their carriages and the one with the most carriages wins. Or you just compare the length of the trains and the player with the longest train wins.

Welches Tier passt hier? is a very simple and yet very nice and very pretty game with a multitude of learning effects for toddlers: They learn to listen carefully and to correlate the noise without the picture – they only see the back of a card- with the position of the card in the grid, and they also learn to search with a purpose, because one card determines the next one.


Spieler         : 2-4

Alter            : ages 3-6

Dauer           : ca. 15 min


Autor           : Anja Wrede, Christoph Cantzler 

Grafik          : Michael Schober, Michaela Rasch

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 11 Euro

Verlag          : Ravensburger 2011



Genre                    : Memory game with sounds

Zielgruppe             : For Children


Sprache        : de

Regeln         : de

Text im Spiel : no



Components made from specially chosen, extra thick material

Simple mechanism

Trains listening, memorizing and correlating noise and picture in your mind



Other memo games featuring sounds


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