Sound Quartett


Happy Families as you know it of old and yet completely different, because this time you use sounds. Each player has a card on display, the sound of this animal is his name for the game. Then you ask a player for a card, as usual, but to have to accost him with his animal sound and then make the sound of the animal whose card you want. You may go on asking if you receive the card. If not, the other player makes a farting sound and puts out his tongue, the active player draws a card. If you have collected a set, you make “Täterätä” and and animal sound of the set and put the set down. If someone is out of cards, you win with most sets.


Set collecting game for 3-6 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Ravensburger 2016

Designer: Arthur Scholten / Sensalot

Artist: Gabriela Silveira


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Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: de fre it nl * In-game text: no