Scotland Yard Junior


Detectives are chasing Mister X - in a game for two or three players one player embodies Mister X, the others are detectives. Mister X secretly chooses a station and selects the appropriate ticket; detectives agree if they move along one station or remain in place. When this is implemented, Mister X moves according to his chosen ticket. If he then is in a station with detectives, the detectives score one success chip; if he is alone in a station Mister X scores a chip. Whoever fills the respective board first, wins. In a game for four players Mister X has an accomplice.  


Movement and deduction game for 2-4 players, ages 6+


Publisher: Ravensburger 2015

Designer: Michael Schacht

Artist: Michael Menzel, Thomas Haubold, Vera Bolze, DE Ravensburger


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Users: For children

Age: 6


Version: multi * Rules: de en es fr it nl * In-game text: no