Matschen, bis die Sau quiekt!


Mother Sow is wallowing in the mud, the piglets are having a mud fight and want to collect the fewest possible number of Go-Wash chips. The timer - snout of the mother sow - is started and grunts; the aktive player turns up one card after the other from the pile. In case of a piglet, you continue; if the mud ball appears, you throw it at another player who continues to turn up cards, etc. When the timer squeals, you receive a Go-Wash chip, if you hold the mud ball. If you have four chips you lose and the winner is the player with fewest mud chips.


Reaction game for 2-4 players, ages4-8


Publisher: Ravensburger 2016

Designer: Stefanie Frimpel, Monika Gohl

Art: D. Lakicevic, beehive


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Users: For children


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: no