Mein erstes Kakerlakak


Mama Kakerlake must feed her young. You have food marbles of one color in your box and place one of them into the starting slot. Mama is switched on and runs around the track in the pantry; on her way, she pushes marbles ahead of her and tries to push them into holes in the floor for her young. Marbles that she leaves behind, stay in the track. If a marble falls into a hole, its owner may place the next marble into a starting slot. If you are first to have fed all marbles to the young cockroaches, you win.


Action game for 2-4 players, ages 3+


Publisher: Ravensburger 2020

Designer: Inka und Markus Brand

Art: Janos Jantner, Becker Studios, DE Ravensburger, KniffDesign


Stock #: 20 548 6


Users: For children


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: no