Lotti Karotti Das Hasen-Rennen


Two hares for each player are at the start. You turn the spinner and may either move one or two steps or choose between placing a plank over a hole and moving a hare one step or choose between relocating the hanging bridge or moving a hare one step. For the mole you move another player’s hare one step back. When your hare ends his move on a hole, it goes back to the start. You win, if one of your hares reaches the finish first.


Roll & move game for 2-4 players, ages 4-8


Publisher: Ravensburger 2015

Designer: nicht genannt

Artist: Ian Stevens, Kinetic

Web: www.ravensburger.de

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Users: For children

Age: 4


Version: multi * Rules: de fr it * In-game text: no