Die verrückten Experimente der Microminds


The Microminds have crashed with their space ship and players must assist in missions to repair the ship, using their smartphones. The necessary app is available for free download. Microminds guide you through the game. A mission starts with the King of Microminds; you use your handy camera to receive your task and then you use the camera to load material into the cargo hatch. In three games for the smart phone you modify the material in the hatch, five modifications for each game help you to master the task. You can play missions several times to improve your score. Series: Ravensburger Digital


Board game for smartphones, for 1-2 players, ages 7+


Publisher: Ravensburger

Autor: Ravensburger Digital

Art: DE Ravensburger, Becker Studio

Web: www.ravensburger.de

Stock #: 27 580 9


Users: For children

Age: 7

Special: 1 player

Special: 2 players


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: yes