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Der Formen-Kobold

Recognize shapes from daily life


Support and boost by playing games is the motto of the series of educational games under the label „spielend Neues lernen“, personal and factual basic abilities are meant to be trained, the contents are based on current curricula.

To be able to recognize geometrical shapes is one of the basic abilities for spatial perception and mathematical understanding. Der Formen-Kobold offers different ways to play based on the story that Flix the Imp has been wielding magic and has made everything not only disappear but splitting in two by doing so.

In the introductory game you only use the shape parts, shuffle them and try together to put them together again.

In the game Formen-Finder complete items are laid out and the shape cards are stacked with contours showing. Flix stands in front of one of the stacks, From this stack you take the top card and look for the item with these contours. If you manage to find it, you may take the card and the item and place Flix in front of another stack.

Memo-Kobold-Wettlauf: The shape cards and Flix are laid out in a square grid, three shapes are put together. Then in turn players turn up cards, if the contours fit one of the complete shapes prepared you place this shape onto the card and add a new shape to the display. When no prepared shape fits the card, Flix moves one step. When all cards are covered with a shape before the imp returns to his card all players have won together.

With simple mechanisms the child trains assigning, spatial thinking and abstraction, a school satchel can be represented by a simple rectangle.


Spieler         : 1-4

Alter            : ages 3-6 and up

Dauer           : ca. 15 min


Autor           : Marco Teubner

Grafik          : Lindley Karin

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 12,00 Euro

Verlag          : Ravensburger 2011



Genre                    : Learning game

Zielgruppe             : For children

Mechanismen         : Recognice and complete geometrical shapes




Series: spielend Neues Lernen

Topic nicely implemented

Mechanism fits the topic well

Trains abstract thinking

Two ways to play



Colorama and other games featuring shapes






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