Rich builders in the realm of the khalif rival to build the highest and most noble tower. Their buyers go to the markets to buy bases, middle parts, windows and tops for the towers. These parts are available in five different materials, at varying costs and earning varying amounts of prestige at the end. You place a card and with it send a buyer to one segment of the board and then enact the action of this segment. Segments and their actions are: buy tower parts, build towers, get additional money, bribe or favours from the khalif. After four “year” scorings and a final scoring you win with most of the prestige.


A game of tower building for 2-4 players, ages 9 and up * Designers: Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling * Art: Franz Vohwinkel * Editing: André Maack * 26 530 5, Ravensburger, Germany, 2010 *** Ravensburger Spieleverlag *