The monkeys are having a field day and players are called upon to bring order to the tribes. The player who can collect all 6 monkeys in one colour on his individual board, wins the game. To begin with, the monkeys are in their bag and are given a good shake. The active players draws a monkey out of the bag: If it is a monkey in an opponent’s colour, he puts on this player’s board and draws again. If it is a monkey in the player’s own colour, he takes it for himself and his move ends.


Search/Collect game * 2-4 players from age 3 to 6 * Author: Reiner Knizia * 23 114 0, Ravensburger, Germany, 2001 ***  Ravensburger GmbH * J. Maderspergergasse 5 * A-2362 Biedermannsdorf * Fon: +43-2236-72055 * Fax: +43-2236-72059