10 Tage durch Deutschland

Correct routes by bus and train


A map of Germany, divided into 44 regions which are marked with five different colors and a map only marginally correct geographically - we are asked to plan a route around this country comprises 10 days/stations; we travel across borders into adjacent regions or use bus and train to reach regions farther away.

You are dealt 10 cards face down which you take up one by one and place it on a slot of your choice in one of your racks. In this phase you cannot change the location of a card once you placed it. Three more cards are displayed openly. In your turn you take the top card from the stack or one of the open-faced cards. The card you take can be discarded or swapped with one of the cards on your racks. By swapping cards you try to create a correct route. Such a route runs over a border into an adjacent region or via train in a region of the same color, further away - the train must be of the same color as the two regions it connects. With a bus you can jump over an adjacent region, without any regards to color. Stage 1 and stage 10 of the route cannot be means of transport. If you have created your complete route you announce this and show the route to the other players; if the route is correct, you win instantly.

10 Tage durch Deutschland is an adapted re-implementation of Europatour and also 10 Days in ; a fast interesting fun game in which you must be prepared to change your route in an instant when a good card is available. Here really the path is your destination.


Players: 2-4

Age: 8+

Time: 30+

Designer: Alan R. Moon, Aaron Weissblum

Art: Studio Elfenbein, KniffDesign

Price: ca. 25 Euro

Publisher: Ravensburger 2012


Genre: Travel game

Users: For families

Version: de

Rules: de

In-game text: no



Adaptation of Europatour

Good rules with lots of examples

Very good family game


Compares to:



Other editions:

10 Days through , Out of the Box, USA


Chance (pink): 2

Tactic (turquoise): 2

Strategy (blue): 0

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 1

Dexterity (green): 0

Action (dark green): 0