SchatzJäger Goblin’s Loot


In the caves of Frost Mountains, in the jungle and in lava caves we hunt for treasures. In each round, you draft a hand of nine cards with adventurers, watch dogs, coins and action cards. Then you place cards for locations and can improve those with action cards. The two treasures of a location go to the player with the strongest group and to the player with the weakest group. Treasures must then be defended with watch dogs against Goblins or you risk loss of coins. Finally, you can swap yellow spell scrolls for coins. After five rounds, you win with the highest total from treasures and coins.

Goblin and adventurer cards from the expansion replace those of the core game, and there are three additional watchdogs and one Goblin hunter as well as three purple magic scroll; the rules stay the same.


Expansion for Schatzjäger for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Queen Games 2016

Designer: Richard Garfield

Artist: Markus Erdt


Stock#: 10203


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no