Push a Monster


All monsters want to get into the arena; seven of them are already there at the start of the game. The active player rolls the die and takes the respective monster, or, for a question mark, the most frequent monster in stock, and places it on the big slide. Then he tries to get the monster into the arena, using both slides by pushing, sliding or turning monsters already there. Those monsters may also exceed the edge of the arena, which the current monster must not do! If a monster drops off, all other players receive a tile of this monster. When someone rolls a monster no longer in stock, you win with the longest row of monsters.  


Dexterity game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Queen Games 2015

Designer: Wolfgang Dirscherl, Manfred Reindl

Artist: Claus Stephan, Michael Hüter

Web: www.queen-games.de

Stock#: 30022


Users: For children

Age: 5


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr * In-game text: no