London Markets


In Victorian London trade with exotic goods is booming. You hold goods cards in hand, an Offer card is on each market and Goods cards for Coffee, Soap, Silk and China are in those markets. Starting Goods bars of players are placed on markets. A Market card is revealed: You choose Merchant or Assistant for his action Place Goods bar, Money for visible crates, take Goods Cards from the market for your own crates; then comes Goods Replenishing, auctions of all goods varieties for money and movement of markers. At the end, you win with most money from cash and special cards.


Economics game for 3 or 4 players, ages 10 +


Publisher: Queen Games 2016

Designer: Michael Schacht

Artist: Claus Stephan


Stock#: 10062


Users: With friends


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no