German Railways

Preußische Ostbahn


Between 1842 and 1868 there were more than 200 different railroad companies in the German Empire. Markers for the individual companies are placed into towns; then one share per company is auctioned. The revenue, the remaining track markers and shares are the capital of the company. A move comprises either passing or enhancing the capital or expanding with track construction, rise of income and payment of dividends. When in the phase “determine order of play” each track is directly connected to two other tracks or players agree that nothing more can be done, the richest player wins.

New edition, first edition at Winsome Games as Preussische Ostbahn, 2008


Railway game for 3-5 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Queen Games 2011

Designer: Harry Wu

Art: Harald Lieske


Stock#: 60665


Users: With friends


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