The best builders from Europa and Arabia want to proof their ability and construct an Alhambra. Four building tiles are offered in the open building yard; each player receives money cards up to value 20, four money cards are laid out next to the building yard. The remaining money is split into five stacks, you put scoring cards into stack 2 and 3 and then stack the stacks. The active player can either take money, buy and place building tiles or rearrange his own Alhambra. When buying there is no change money; if you can pay the exact sum you have another turn with all three options. In the two scorings players score for the majority in buildings of one kind and the longest continuous outer wall in their Alhambra. The player with the highest final score wins the game.


New re-edited version of

Al Capone, db-Spiele, 1992

Stimmt so, Queen Games, 1998


Placement game with building theme * 2-6 players from age 8 * Designer: Dirk Henn* ca. 60 min * 6026, Queen, Germany, 2003 *** Queen Games * *