Right hand on the right stack!


36 picture cards show a right or left hand and an item, all in one of four colors - yellow, red, green or blue; the background of the card shows the same color, going from dark to light from bottom to top. 16 color cards in the same four colors are marked with a lightning symbol.

The picture cards are shuffled and stacked face down, and you sort the color cards by their colors and stack them separately. The active player draws the top picture card from the stack so that only he can see the front side. Now he names the item pictured on the card and the hand, too - for instance, “stop sign - right hand” or “duck - left hand”. Whoever, among the other players, puts his right hand first on the stack of red cards in case of the stop sign or his left hand on the stack of yellow cards in case of the duck wins a color card from this stack. If the player should already own a color card of this particular color he does not receive another one. If you are the first to own one card of each color, you win.

This is a surprisingly simple idea, which develops into a fast and fun game - on the one hand it is more difficult for some players than one would believe possible to recognize a left or right hand or use the correct hand and on the other hand some of the pictures are open for different interpretations. Who associates yellow immediately with duck? And you are not obliged to say duckling or fledgling. And grapes, maybe the first association is not green but blue? And I am thinking hard to come up with a blue bird, because the name bluebird does only exist in English, in German that bird is called Hüttensänger. 


Players: 3-4

Age: 5+

Time: 10+

Designer: Peggy Brown

Art: Arthur Wagner

Price: ca. 11 Euro

Publisher: Piatnik 2012


Genre: Reaction game with cards

Users: For families

Version: multi

Rules: de fr hu

In-game text: no



Cute game idea

Very simple rules

Plays very fast

Items not always clearly color-related


Compares to:

All reaction games with spoken commands


Other editions:

Currently none


Chance (pink): 0

Tactic (turquoise): 0

Strategy (blue): 0

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 2

Dexterity (green): 3

Action (dark green): 3