Piggy Pearls


Searching for perls in the pig sty. Three pearl cards from the stack are on display; mud tiles are heaped face-down in the middle. All use one hand to reveal one mud token after the other; pearls you keep for your trough, mud goes back. If you think that you can meet one of the cards on display with your pearls, you put your pig on the card. If you have all necessary pearls - white ones are jokers - you take the card. In case of any mistake, you lose a card already won which goes underneath the wrongly claimed card and goes to the player who wins the top card. For the next round, the winner of a card discards his pearls, all others keep them. If the display cannot be replenished, you add the values of your cards and win with most points.


Search and collecting game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Piatnik 2021

Designer: Anna Oppolzer, Stefan Kloß

Art:Felix Wermke

Web: www.piatnik.com

Stock #: 665363


Users: For children


Version: multi * Rules: cz de es fr hu sk pl * In-game text: no