Hello Dino


The board shows five color areas with slots for two Dino eggs each. The closed Dino eggs are distributed randomly on the board. The active player rolls the die - for a color you may put an egg into the rolled area, if there is room there, or relocate an egg from the rolled area to another one, and then in both cases check the color of the baby in the egg; or you can check an egg in the area of the rolled color. Fpr tje arrow you rotate the clear top of the board and then you can look into any egg of your choice. Whenever you find a baby in the color of its location, you get the color chip - only one! - and win if you are first to have one chip of each color.


Placement and collecting game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Piatnik 2018

Designer: Forrest Pruzan Creative

Art: Robert Bayer

Web: www.piatnik.com

Stock#: 713293


Age: 5


Version: multi * Rules: cz de en fr hu it pl sk * In-game text: no