Happy Cats


Collect fluffy balls with fluff cards; there are 48 balls in four colors in a bag; you are dealt 5 of the 40 fluff cards, select a cat card and are dealt a secret color card. You roll the die: for a number you draw as many balls from the bag and all play a face-down card. If you played your cat, you draw two cards and take one, together with the cat, in hand. Then players select as many balls as are depicted on their card, in descending order of the values of cards played, while balls are available. For the Basket result, the player who played the highest fluff card draws as many balls as depicted on the card. For the question mark you select one of the tokens - draw ball or fluff card or take the mouse which gives 3 points for its owner at the end, and resolve it. When all balls have been taken, each one scores one point and each ball in your color scores one bonus point. You win with most points.


Collecting game for 2-4 players, ages 7+


Publisher: Piatnik 2020

Designer: Wolfgang Dirscherl

Web: www.piatnik.com

Stock #: 663994


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: cz de en fr hu pl sk * In-game text: no