Freeze Factory


The ice cream machine can fill a cone with three varieties at the same time. Players need to make up the desired mixes by moving the tile tokens on the board. The active player can roll - for the cone he passes his turn and draws another order cone. If you roll a number, you have that number of moves. IF you do not roll, you always have three moves. One move comprises moving of one variety token on an adjacent slot, horizontally or vertically; even off the board and back into the board at the other side, if the first slot there is empty! If at any time in your turn, you form a pattern of a cone in your hand as a horizonal or vertical row, you put the cone down and draw a new one. If the active player forms the pattern of a cone in the hand of another player, this player can announce „freeze“ and discard the cone. If you cannot draw a new cone, you win with most completed cones.


Pattern formation for 2-4 players, ags 6+


Publisher: Piatnik 2021

Designer: Gil Druckman, Danny Hershkovits

Art: Felix Wermke


Stock #: 664991


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: cz de es fr hu pl sk * In-game text: no