Dinos are coming! If you place tiles cleverly, you advance your Dino, the Dragon Fruit gives you more power. The grid of 10x10 squares is surrounded by a numbered track; 100 tiles show four different symbols on colored backgrounds; 8 tiles are Dragon Fruit jokers for any tile. You draw three tiles, four more are placed on starting squares on the board. You place a tile on the board, symbols adjacent to other tiles must be identical. Then you move your Dino the number of correlations you managed to achieve on the board. If you cannot place a tile, you must quit the game. When nobody can place a tile, you win if your Dino is furthest advanced.


Placement and race game for 2-4 players, ages 7+


Publisher: Piatnik 2015

Designer: Andreas Roschal, Dominik Juras

Artist: Robert Bayer

Web: www.Piatnik.com

Stock#: 634475


Users: For families


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