Charlie Quak auf Fliegenjagd


If the number of frogs on the cards in a player’s hand corresponds to the number of flies on the dice, each player must try as quickly as possible to snatch the frog corresponding to his cards and put him on the card. If the player is correct, he may take the cards and stack them face turn. Each player starts with 4 cards, the rest of the cards is draw pile. One may also snatch more than one frog as long as one has the necessary cards, but may only take up cards with the correct frog on them. If a player is too slow he cannot take up a card. When all cards are collected, the player with the most cards wins.


Reaction- and collecting game * 2-4 players from age 5 * Designers: Brian S. Spence, Garrett J. Donner and Michael S. Steer * Graphics: Arthur Wagner * ca. 15 min * 641796, Piatnik, Austria, 2004 *** Wr. Spielkartenfabrik Ferdinand Piatnik & Söhne *